Grist MillDaniel Kennedy's grist mill on Slippery Rock Creek was built in 1852. This original mill was destroyed by fire and rebuilt in 1868. In 1875, Thomas McConnell bought the mill and replaced the waterwheel with water turbines. This was one of the first mills in the country to be retrofitted with rolling mills (a major upgrade from grinding stones) and was considered high-tech at the time.

The mill was used to process wheat, oats, corn, and buckwheat until it was closed due to antiquated equipment and poor profits in 1928. Thomas H. Hartman donated the mill and surrounding land to the Western Pennsylvania Conservancy (later to the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania) with the desire to preserve this historic site for future generations. 

Hours of Operation:

Staffing of the mill is dependent on volunteer availability - please call prior to visiting (724) 368-8811.